i am digitalpaperdoll and this is my story... 
i'm just a girl. simply complex. i value the importance of family, tradition, and positive relationships. my approach to life is optimistic and i truly believe anyone can do anything. i crave wisdom, intelligence, inner strength, excellence, spirituality, and believe balance is key. i love to live. i'm random. i do what i want when i want, and believe every day should be amazing (it's usually the 'little' things that make them that way). i'm smart, determined and say what i feel (even if others might not necessarily like what i have to say). i prefer small dinners to clubs, and low key and mellow to wild and crazy. i'm brutally honest. i don't say things i don't mean (yes, really say what you mean and mean what you say), and i will never break a promise. i think everything is a learning experience and have no regrets. i'm simple, yet complicated. lonely, yet surrounded by people. i tend to be friends with people who are modest, intelligent, individualistic, creative, and extremely funny (i'm sure you will meet some of them along the way). i care for others and believe in helping people make a difference. i believe you should treat people the way you want to be treated and if you expect great things, great things will happen. i like to provoke people to think. most people don't like to think, they like to be told what to do. it's easier, so when things don't go their way there is someone else to blame. i don't believe in blame (or excuses), work harder. 

most people spend their whole life trying to show off their beauty to the world, while others spend their whole life hiding theirs in hopes the world will see something more. words are too shallow to describe a soul, and looks are merely an illusion. i would rather be understated. because the very moment you start to live your life based on other peoples perception of what you are or should be, you begin to lose the very thing that made you special to begin with. i am different. they way i think, the way i feel, the way i love, but to me being different is far better than being what society calls f*cking "normal".

ultimately this blog is purely a mechanism for personal artistic expression by means of juxtaposing a thematic collection of images to represent what i like (and occasionally dislike) in the world of fashion, beauty, art and life in general. welcome to my world, a world filled with fashion, art, music, love, and adventure (lots and lots of adventures). enjoy!

i do not claim copyright to any of the photographs that appear on this blog, unless otherwise stated.

{ photo: me by anthony evans }

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