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as soon as the days begin to heat up i start spending more of my time in the water than i do on land. unfortunately spending so much time in the water (and in the sun) can take a major toll on your appearance. thankfully i've discovered the items above which have quickly become my warm weather essentials! these along with plenty of h20 are all you need to beat the heat and keep yourself looking and feeling great.

this leave-in styling product is a great light-weight cream that provides a soft hold, hydrates, and eliminates frizz, all without leaving your hair oily or weighted down. i love this product because it works great whether my hair is blow dried straight or wet and wavy.

sun bum is a moisturizing sunscreen that protects your skin from harmful uva/uba rays while enriching your skin with vitamin e. i love this product because it withstands hours of surfing and still gets the job done.

this is my go-to product after a long day in the sun. in just ten minutes your skin is renewed and re-hydrated almost instantly bringing it back to life. it's perfect for all skin types and even calms and soothes if the sun decides to leave it's mark. i love this product because you can leave it on overnight if you are finding that your skin is extra dry. plus the mask dries clear so no need to worry about scaring your other half (or a pesky sibling who may be trying to sneak a pic of you with the usual goo on your face to use for shall we say... blackmail).

new-skin liquid bandage dries rapidly to form a tough protective cover that is antiseptic, flexible, waterproof, yet still lets skin breathe. i love this product because i can continue with my adventures without worrying about any wounds i may obtain along the way.

secret's clinical strength dries clear, works great in all climates (especially the ones with extreme humidity), and most importantly is water-proof. this means one application is all you need and whether you take a quick dip in the pool or spend the entire day at the beach, you'll still be smelling as fresh as when your day began. and that is why i love this product!

sun bum lip balm restores and nourishes chapped lips, and relieves the drying effects of the sun, wind, and sea. i love this product because it goes on light and lasts all day.

hemp body butter moisturizes and conditions for up to 24 hours with just one application using an ultra-rich herbal cream. i love this product because it feels amazing and instantly repairs dry skin. 

flowerbomb is my signature scent. i love this product because the miniature tube is the perfect size to take anywhere. unfortunately i think they have discontinued the rollerball version, but don't fret they replaced it with a just as mini (and cute) spray.

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