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after recently returning to the us from an amazing little tropical adventure i unpacked my suitcase to realize my coveted flat iron did not appear to make it back with me . for someone who has naturally wavy extremely thick hair , this was somewhat of a catastrophe . not knowing what adventures lay ahead in my near future i knew getting a replacement was of the utmost importance . so...  i did what any girl in need would do . i logged on to amazon to see what i could find (this is obvious because a: everything is cheaper on amazon and b: there's no tax and free rush shipping if you're a prime member - which i am) .

while perusing through amazon for a replacement for my chi i came across the hsi ceramic tourmaline flat iron . unfamiliar with the product and seeing that it usually carried a $300 price tag (not to mention had over 700 positive reviews) , i decided to start reading and see what all of the hype was about . it didn't take long before i decided that this would be my new iron . the $300 iron was being offered for $55 , i would have it in two days , and if it didn't live up to it's amazing reviews amazon had a simple return policy... so why not give it a go .

never having heard of hsi i was still a bit skeptical so once i received my iron in the mail i was quite anxious to give it a try , and boy did it live up to it's expectations! after just one use , i am completely convinced that it is indeed one of the best flat irons on the market (and definitely the best you can buy for under $100). it makes thick wavy hair straighten fast and effortlessly (in about half the time it took with my chi), leaves hair silky and soft giving it extra bounce, and has good ergonomics allowing amateurs to handle it like a pro! unfortunately the iron i purchased which came with a free mini bottle of argan oil is (not surprisingly) sold out, but there is another version available here

* this product is digitalpaperdoll approved and highly recommended !

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