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there's an app for just about everything now days, but these are five apps you don't want to be without ! 
(and most of them are free)

if you're anything like me the last thing you want to do when you get to the beach is remember when you're supposed to apply your next round of sunscreen, but if your summer plans include having fun in the sun, remembering to do so is of the utmost importance . that is why 'coppertones myuvalert' is amongst my top summertime apps . once it zones in on your location, it provides the local forecast, calculates the day's uv index, and even reminds you (via alarm) when it's time for that next round of protection . take it a step further and create profiles for everyone in the family and your reminders will be customized based on age, skin type, etc... 
*available for the iphone, ipad, and android

djay . $20 
a full-on virtual dj system offering two virtual turntables, mixer, tempo, and eq controls, direct access to your ipad's music library, airplay integration, bpm analysis with automatic beat and tempo matching, the ability to record your sets, and an automix mode . you can perform live, record mixes on the go, or enable automix to let djay mix your favorite playlists 'auto-magically' . easy enough for amateurs, complex enough for pros, and fun for everyone (warrning... this app is semi-addictive) ! 
*available for the ipad

flipboard . free
a new 'social magazine' app that offers all of your news, articles and content in one integrated view . presenting them in a cool magazine-like layout (complete with large images and clean typeface), you can customize your flipboard to view the content you like and get rid of the content you don't 
allowing for a customizable magazine that can grab info from your social networking accounts, as well as other sources from around the web . 
*available for the iphone and ipad

goodguide . free
let's just say you want to extend your urge to do good beyond earth day (and even earth month) and do your part in attempting to make earth day every day (because you know it's good for mankind), well here's an app to help you get started . the 'goodguide' mobile app makes it fast and easy to find safe, healthy, green, and ethical products by allowing you to scan the barcode of almost any item and instantly receive an assessment on how good the item is for your health, the environment, and society, accompanied by a list of ingredients and optional (sometimes) greener items to choose from. it even explains why an item received a certain rating so you can draw your own conclusions . 
*available for the iphone, ipad, and android

paper by FiftyThree . free (optional $8 add on)
an absolutely beautiful app for creating anything you would normally do on real paper, so if you want to sketch, write, draw, outline, and color, this is the most elegant app for doing so . appealing for it's simplicity, easy sharing, and the ability to create unlimited custom moleskin-esque journals to keep your work in . perfect for doodling by the pool, on the plane, or a late night diner where many of your best ideas are spawned. i bought this stylus to make drawing a little more precise (they come in a pack of three fun summer colors, and are cheap enough you won't care if you lose one in the sand) . 
*available for the ipad

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