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garance dore is a french illustrator, photographer, and blogger who originally started her blog as somewhat of an online art diary . unbelievably the daily posts of her beautiful artwork initially garnered little to no response, so she decided to mix things up a bit by adding commentary to her artwork and posting her random thoughts on fashion . fashion... that was the key! noticing that she was getting most of her feedback on her fashion related posts, she packed up, moved to paris and continued to share her thoughts, illustrations, and photographs . with the inside look into the life of an ultra cool parisian chick, her blog (and illustrations) quickly began to gather a cult following . six years later she has crossed the pond, married that other coveted fashion blogger, and still continues to give us amazing illustrations and an ever evolving blog leaving us wanting more. view the photography, words, and illustrations of garance here .

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  1. These illustrations are simple, but so gorgeous!