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last night new york city was taken over by the metropolitan museum of arts 2012 gala, also known as the fashion industries 'night of nights' or 'the oscars of the east coast', and is regarded as new york citys top annual social event . this years fundraising event was the largest in its history, raising $11 million with over 800 guests in attendance . despite the great turnout and large donations in my opinion there were more fashion misses than hits at this years gala. unfortunately i saw more than a few who needed to immediately fire their stylists after leaving the event (or if they took on the tasks of dressing themselves needed to desperately hire one before ever stepping out in public again) . oh how i long for the days when the met gala was more about the fashion and art, and less about the celebrities whom have showed that despite being dressed in some of the latest fashions they are clearly lacking serious style . the top trends of the evening were peplums and metallics and these three ladies showed how they can be done right .

best  dressed

(left to right)

  • camilla belle looked stunning in her slinky ralph lauren gown. she could have done without the dark bordeaux lips which also seemed to be a trend of the evening, and like everyone else who donned the dark hue it appeared to age her (and not in a good way)

  • solange knowles was radiant wearing bright yellow rachel roy . i have to admit i did also like the bright yellow versace number january jones wore as well, just unfortunately not on her . that being said, back to solange and who would've thought she would have grown in to quite the little fashion darling . perhaps big sis beyonce should take note - less shock more awe! 

  • and last we have sofia vergara being well... sofia vergara in marchesa . she's looking a bit less curvy, but radiant and styled to perfection per usual .

honorable  mention

although i'm not completely sold on carey mulligans shiny prada number, i had to give her a mention because she took a huge risk with her choice, but the risk paid off because somehow it worked on her . she looks like an adorable futuristic housewife . celebs take note... if you're going to attempt to be daring choose a look that works for 'you' and not something straight from the runway just because it is simply just that .

and then there were two...

i've decided not to list the worst dressed of the evening (in part because there were far too many) but i can't help but to address rachel zoe and vera wang, both of which looked as if they had just risen from the dead (literally) . there is being thin, and then there is being disgusting and unfortunately both of these ladies have far surpassed that point . looking unhealthy is not attractive . period! vera please start eating so we can continue to enjoy your amazing talent .

a look inside

the spring 2012 costume institutes exhibit explores the worlds of elsa schiaparelli and miuccia prada, two italian designers from two different eras . both fashion innovators,  . the exhibit entitled 'schiaparelli and prada: impossible conversations' was based on a 1930s vanity fair column that imagined conversations between adolf hitler and huey long, among others . the exhibit uses actual recorded quotes from the late elsa schiaparelli (1890-1973) along with new ones from an interview of miuccia prada by andrew bolton (who also helped to curate the exhibit) to showcase their subtle differences and striking similarities using iconic ensembles and video of the simulated conversation . 

" dress designing... is to me not a profession but an art " 
~ elsa schiaparelli

the exhibit runs at the metropolitan museum of art from may 10th through august 19th . see a preview below . if you can't make it to the exhibit but still want to be in on the conversation, you can order an amazing 324 page hardcover exhibition catalog with over 206 illustrations here .

*images of the exhibit via the metropolitan museum of art
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