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it's official ! i have been accepted in to what is known as the 'ifb' (independent fashion bloggers) network . ifb is an exclusive network for people who blog about fashion to get together, network, offer support (and advice), and over all hang out . somewhat of our own little secret society . i've been a member for less than 24 hours and already have nothing but good things to say . before being approved and officially 'let in' i was receiving numerous emails from members wanting to network, offering feedback, and even more impressively just welcoming me in . once approved i logged in updated my profile and then started to go through the vast amount of emails (trying to keep up as they were still rolling in) . the general tone was warm and friendly, again impressive considering you have thousands of people all working with the same information trying to figure out how to make it unique and their own (something that could definitely lend to a more competitive environment) . 

the one thing i did notice in several of the emails however was the request to be 'followed', some simply asked nicely, some offered trades (if you follow me, i'll follow you), and some simply begged . and this saddened me just a bit . i understand that to most bloggers the single most important thing when running a blog is their 'numbers' (views, visits, unique visits, followers), but what is the point of having people follow you if they don't really care or like what you have to say. it's great to have numbers, but numbers without influence really means nothing .

that being said, i took the time to read each email, visit each blog, respond personally to each, and promised i would in deed view their blog . i hoped that they viewed mine, however i made no promises to follow anyone . i followed some, but not all . i followed some because they had great content, others because they had great personality, and even one blog i probably wouldn't have but after receiving the sweetest email knew they were a good person that i wanted to help succeed (and if to her that meant 'following' and engaging in her blog, then so be it) .

in my opinion a good blog earns its numbers . so rather than taking the easy route to gain a following i chose to take the 'other' route . whether i end up with one follower or a million, i will love my blog just the same and over time hopefully others will continue to decide they love it too . until then i look forward to networking with my new ifb family (the ones i did, and didn't follow), and extending just as warm of a welcome to those who come after me as i received when i was let in .


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  1. welcome to ifb!
    your blog is amazing!
    well done! nice to meet u!
    xxx Ros.e.

  2. I completely agree with you about the community, and I def do see it as a great opportunity to meet new bloggers and find ways of improving your own. I like how you want to stay genuine and being true to yourself knowing that you may or may not gain a million followers.